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In Home Daycare Provider

The Nanny Solution, inc. ™ (the "Agency") of P.O. Box 10278, Bedford, New Hampshire and

( the "Client") NAME AND ADDRESS> ____________________________/________________________

Agree as follows:
The Agency shall refer applicants to the Client for employment by the Client as a Nanny/Provider:
Agency shall attempt to make referrals with the Client's requirements as set forth on the Client's application form.

In - Home Daycare Provider- IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

The Client payment schedule is as follows:

1. To be returned with this application
(Annual Non Refundable Search and Processing Fee)
  $100.00 paid by credit card
2. Balance due 7 days before Commencement of employment of Nanny/Provider   $100.00
Total  $200.00

30 days Standard
within 90 days of placement for the following additional fees:
90 days additional $225.00
6 months additional $425.00
1 year additional $750.00

Terms of Payment: Upon verbal or written agreement between Client and Nanny/Provider, 50 % of applicable fees will be paid to the Agency immediately. Agency will remove Nanny/Provider from the active list, and the Nanny/Provider will not be referred to any additional Clients. When fees are received, Agency will contract with an outside agency to check the candidate's criminal and DMV within her/his home state. Should a criminal record for as much of the nation as possible be desired, an additional cost will be incurred. (To be determined) (Some states we are not able to check) The remainder of the balance will be paid 7 days prior to the Nanny/Provider commencement of employment.
A Nanny/Provider shall not commence employment until the referral fee is paid in full. If a Nanny/Provider fails to commence employment after reaching agreement with a Client, the Agency shall furnish additional applicants until such time as a Nanny/Provider has commenced employment. If a full time or part time permanent Nanny/Provider terminates employment within 30 days from starting date, the Agency will refer, on a one time basis only, additional applicants to fill the position, subject to the following conditions:
  1. Full payment of placement fees is received by Agency and postmarked 7 days prior to the Nanny/Providers arrival in the Clients home.
  2. Agency has received a contract and acceptable description of Nanny/Providers duties, signed and agreed to by the Client and Nanny/Provider within the first week of work
  3. Agency receives written notification of the termination of the Nanny/Providers employment within 7 days of the termination date
  4. Nanny/Provider has been compensated for time worked, less any kind of reimbursable expenses due the Client.
All above conditions must be met in order to purchase the Nanny Assurance Program.
Should termination of employment occur by reason of inaccurate description and/or misrepresentation concerning the duties, compensation, or treatment of the Nanny/Provider, the above guarantee is void and will be considered a breach of contract by the Client. If the Client fails to pay the complete referral fee, the Nanny/ Provider will not commence employment and this guarantee may be declared null and void.
The contract of employment, and all of its terms and conditions, is made by and between the Client and the Nanny/Provider, who shall together assume responsibility for compliance with any reporting requirements, insurance requirements, payroll withholding and payment, and compliance with federal, state and local law. It is recognized that the Agency is a referral source only and is not a party to any subsequent agreement entered into between the Client and employees referred by the Agency, which shall bear no responsibility beyond the screening process. The client shall hold the Agency harmless against all claims arising out of the course of employment of a Nanny/Provider referred by the Agency and employed by the Client.
At no time shall the Client directly contact or solicit nannies referred by the agency, absent written approval of the Agency and payment of applicable fees.
Transmission of an executed facsimile copy of this document by the Client shall be deemed acceptance of this agreement; such facsimile is hereby accepted as an original document for all purposes.
All representations, statements and agreements heretofore made between the parties are merged into this agreement, which alone fully and completely expresses their obligations. The Nanny Solution,,
By: ____________________________________________AGENCY signature

By: ____________________________________________CLIENT signature

Print Name:__________________ Card Number:_________________________

Master Card:[_]   Visa:[_]   Expiration Date: month________year_______

I Accept the Above Agreement

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