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Steps to Becoming a Nanny/Provider

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The Nanny Solution, inc. is a Nanny/Provider placement agency, which places full time live-in or live out, permanent part time, temporary day or night, vacation and summer Nannies. We function like an Employment Agency. All Nannies/Providers are considered self-employed or employed by the Client, not by the Agency. Nannies/Providers and Clients will negotiate the hours, salary and benefits to be received.

Steps to Becoming a Nanny/Provider

1. Fill out an application online.

2. Contact us to set up an interview.

3. Come into our office for an in depth (1-2 hours) interview. During the interview, we will discuss your background, jobs held, references, application, needs of our clients and position contracts. For childcare we will discuss behavior modification, poison control, and car seat guidelines.

4. After we have completed our interview, we will begin to check your references and look for a Client match within our database.

5. We discuss potential matches and if you both are interested, then you contact the Client directly by phone to set up an interview date, informing us of the date and time.

6. Interview with Clients.

If you need to cancel any of your interviews, please call the Client first and let them know, then contact the Agency.

  • Please be on time for your interviews and dress appropriately.
  • It is important on your first interview to determine exactly what the Clients' needs are and the exact job description. Many times a Clients will have changed their minds about certain things (such as hours or duties) since they have filled out their application and have failed to let the Agency know.
  • Sit down with the client and discuss their attitudes and expectations they have for the position.

  • Note On Discipline: Find out how they discipline their children and what types of behavior modification they use. (Do they give the children a time out, etc.?) If you have a family that expects you to use any kind of physical discipline, please decline the position and let us know. The Nanny should never use any kind of physical punishment whether it is slapping a toddler's hand or a spanking, etc.

    • Eldercare companions - do you have to take care of personal things such as helping with getting dressed, giving medication, transporting to appointments, etc.
    • Chefs - types of meals, do you do the shopping etc.,
    • Housekeeper - what kind of cleaning white glove clean every week or rotating rooms (what is their definition of cleaning).
    • Household managers - what do they want you to manage do they have staff do you bring in people for specific jobs around the household, is there a schedule for events, cleaning, household shopping, errands etc.,
    • Grounds keeping - do they have a set schedule of tasks to be done for the upkeep of the property? Are there new projects this year or do they want you to plan, etc.

    7. There is no typical scenario for an interview. Clients may offer you a job after your first interview, they may call you back for a second time or they may let you know their decision at a later time. We encourage you and the Clients to interview until you feel you’ve found your match. We want you to be happy with your placement.

    8. If you have a change in status or are no longer available to work with the Agency, please contact us to let us know and we will place you on hold.

    You're Hired Now What?

    1. Contact us with your start date.

    2. Get going on a contract with the clients.

    3. Follow up with us to help reach references still outstanding.

    4. Look into benefits where this applies.

    5. Get the emergency contact information. Nannies and Eldercare Providers need medical release forms signed before starting employment.

    Note on medical issues: Nannies/Providers are not to make medical decisions. For example, if you had a child who came home with a black and blue thumb, you would put some ice on it and call the parents to see what they would like you to do. In case you are not able to reach the parents, don’t make a medical decision on your own. Take the child along with the medical release form to the pediatrician or call for the doctor’s advise.

    6. You must check in with the Agency 1-3 days prior to beginning a position. You are under contract with the Agency to begin employment with the Client only after the Client has paid their balance with the Agency in full.

    Note to permanently placed Nannies/Providers: Clients expect a time commitment from the Nanny/Provider (usually one year) This is important not only because the children have to deal with the loss and separation from their Nanny/Provider, but the Client pays a placement fee upon hiring you. Obviously, if a placement is not working out, you will not be able to finish out your year.


    When you as a Provider start your employment there is a thirty-day period during which the Client is able to receive a replacement Nanny/Provider at no extra cost if you or they are not happy with the placement. If you suspect you might not want to continue with the position or are having any problems, please contact the Agency immediately. We are here to give you guidance. We will find you another placement. There is no cost to you.

    Please contact our office with questions at 603-472-2719 or see links for other services provided.

    We look forward to working with you.

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