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We place Nannies, Eldercare, Housekeepers/Household Managers, Groundskeepers, Chefs, Party Planners, Personal Shoppers, Pet Sitters, and other providers both in New Hampshire as well as all over the Northeast.

Screening our Providers

Our Providers complete a detailed application, have a personal interview using our unique methods, and have their backgrounds checked by our office staff.

We research the following on our Nannies and other Providers; industry experience, employment, personal references, driver's license and criminal record checks from the state of their license (some states have limited availability). We care about who is in your home.


Our Nannies are individuals with a variety of educational backgrounds: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and many other related degree and certificate programs, including Masters degrees and Doctoral studies. Our Nannies have experience as; Nannies, Teachers for childcare centers up through high school level, Babysitters, Mothers’ Helpers, Camp Counselors and Lifeguard/Swim Instructors, mothers of fully grown children or small children they would bring with them as a playmate. They offer full time live-in, live-out, permanent part time, temporary day or evening and vacation Nannies for business and overnight trips.

Live-In Nanny: Generally a 10-12 hour day, 5 days per week salary ranges $9 per hour and up; may include benefits such as health insurance

Live-Out Nanny: Generally a 35-50 hour work week salary ranges between $8.00 and $15.00 per hour; may include benefits such as health insurance

Vacation Nanny: Charged in 24 hour increments anywhere from $75.00 to $150.00

Temporary & Daily Nanny: Salary range between $8.50 and $15.00 per hour.
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     To Become a Nanny

Day Care

Affordable Daycare in the Providers home! Bring your children to our In Home Daycare's and have a family setting for your children. We visit all of our In Home Daycare's looking at safety around the home; we check the Driving and Criminal records not only on the primary Provider, but on all the adults that reside in the home of the Provider. Full time permanent part time, temporary day or evening

     To Request In Home Daycare
     To Become an In Home Daycare Provider

Elder Care

Our Eldercare Providers have a wide variety of education, including hands on experience giving warmth and caring to the elder community. Their education can range from a CNA (certified nurse assistant) certificate to a Masters in Nursing or Psychology. They may also have experience ranging from; personal family care for relatives to having been, Professional Eldercare Attendant’s. Our Eldercare Providers are available to work per diem or 24 hour shifts living in or out of the household, full time or part time.

Elder Care Providers Full time, Part time, Temporary or Permanent: salary range $10.00 to $20.00 per hour. 24-hour care can range between $100 and $300 per 24-hour period depending on time they are awake.
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     To Become an Eldercare Provider

Chefs & Caterers

Tired of the same old restaurants eat out at home!!!! Our Chefs, have a variety of education, from informal instruction to Culinary Institutes. Their work experience’s include: Restaurants, parties, catering, private gatherings, dinners at home, line cooking, as well as, having been exclusive Personal Gourmet Chefs. These providers are available for an evening party, Full time, Part time, on call, and Temporary / catering positions.

Chefs Full time, Part time, and Temporary / On Call, or Permanent: Salary ranges between $15.00 and $30.00 per hour.
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     To Become a Chef

Housekeepers & Household Managers

Are you too busy at work? Have a housekeeper/household manager come in and get you back to serenity!!! These Providers have worked for private homes, hotels and commercial businesses. Full time, Part time, and Temporary/On Call: Salary ranges between $12.00 and $25.00 per hour.
     To Request a Housekeeper/Household Manager
     To Become a Housekeeper/Household Manager

Grounds Keeprs & Handyman

Have your landscaping, grass cutting, flowerbeds, mulch and much more, tended to while you get out and play!!!! Full time, Part time, and Temporary/On Call Permanent: Salary ranges between $10.00 and $25.00 per hour
     To Request a Grounds Keeper/Handyman
     To Become a Grounds Keeper/Handyman

Party Planning, Personal Shopper, Pet Sitting

Party Planning

From graduation to a backyard BBQ for the office, let us give you a hand!! Our people will setup and cleanup, letting you join the party again!

Party Planning $25.00per hour
     To Request a Party Planner
     To Become a Party Planner

Personal Shopper

From groceries to gift buying, deal hunting and errands to the dry cleaners, let us do the driving!! This year free up some of your time by giving your errands to our terrific personal shoppers.

Personal Shopper $12-30.00 per hour
     To Request a Personal Shopper
     To Become a Personal Shopper

Pet Sitting

Let our experienced Pet care providers take care of your pets and look in on your home while they’re there!!!

Pet Sitting $9.00-$11.00
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     To Become a Pet Sitter

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