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Nanny / Provider Agreement


The Nanny Solution, inc. (the "Agency") of P.O. Box 10278, Bedford, New Hampshire and (the "Client") of Agree as follows:

The Agency shall refer the Nanny/Provider to suitable clients or other agencies for interview and potential employment. The Nanny/Provider shall then interview with the client and negotiate with the Client for potential employment.

The Nanny/Provider shall report the results of the interview to the Agency and if hired, shall report the date of employment and terms and conditions of employment, in the form of a written contract. This signed contract shall be sent to the Agency before commencing employment or within the first week of employment.

The Agency shall be solely responsible for the collection of referral fees from the client, but the Nanny/Provider shall not commence employment until notified by the Agency that the referral fee has been paid in full. The Agency has the option to allow the Nanny/Provider to begin employment, however, if the fees are not paid by the extended date agreed to, the agency will pull the Nanny/Provider from her position.

At no time shall the Nanny/Provider directly contact or solicit clients (their neighbors, relatives or friends) referred by the Agency, absent prior approval of the Agency. The Nanny/Provider shall immediately notify the Agency if contacted by a client (their neighbors, relative or friends) referred by the Agency.

Any and all information with respect to clients or potential clients, whether furnished by the Agency or by the client, shall remain confidential and shall not be divulged to any other person by the Nanny/Provider.

The contract of employment and all of its terms and conditions, is made by and between the Clients and the Nanny/Provider, who shall together assume responsibility for compliance with any reporting requirements, insurance requirements, payroll withholding and payment, and compliance with federal, state and local law. It is recognized that the Agency is a referral source only and is not a party to any subsequent agreement entered into between the client and employees referred by the Agency, which shall bear no responsibility beyond the screening process.

The Nanny/Provider shall hold the Agency harmless against all claims arising out of the course of employment of a Nanny/Provider referred by the Agency and employed by the Client.

At no time shall the Client directly contact or solicit Nannies/Providers referred by the Agency, absent written approval of the Agency.All representations, statements and agreements heretofore made between the parties are merged into this agreement, which alone fully and completely expresses their obligations.

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