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Fee Shcedule - Inside New Hampshire In-Home Daycare Provider
(Effective 7/1/2001)

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for your choice
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Temporary Placement

Inside New Hampshire Temporary Nanny/Provider $Call for Fees

Summer Nanny (May-Aug.) $395.00 in New Hampshire

Family Home Daycare (half of fee due withy application non-refundable) $200

(Part time and full time rates are the same, we have found the work to be the same if not more for part time placements.)

STANDARD GUARANTEE 2 weeks on Family Day Care Placements. STANDARD GUARANTEE 30 days on Full Time Permanent Placements NANNY ASSURANCE PRO RATED PROGRAM may be purchased with the following additional costs:

90 days - $225.00
6 mos - $425.00
1 yr - $750.00

Frequent Nanny Program (vacations and business trips) $895.00

TEMPORARY PLACEMENT: First Day NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT 25% of job required or a minimum $25.00

Daytime - First day $25.00
Each additional consecutive day $15.00
Overnight Nanny (Vacation, etc.) First day $35.00
Each additional consecutive night $25.00
Weekend Friday night to Sunday night $50.00
One week overnights $150.00
Staffing Agency fees $25.00 1st person
$20.00 per day additional persons
Pet Sitting Flat Rate Per job (1-20days) $25.00
Chefs Agency Fee per job $25.00 Permanent also available
Housekeepers Daily Agency fee $25.00 Permanent also available
Grounds keepers Daily Agency fee
Seasonal April-October
Permanent Grounds keeper (Application fee)
Permanent Grounds keeper (Placement fee)
Personal Shopper Agency fee $25.00 per day or
1 year usage $200.000
Household Manager $195.00 application fee plus
$845.00 placement fee

Family Daycare Placement $200.00 (additional guarantee for 3 months available $150.00). These are agency fees only. The Nanny's/Provider's wages are negotiated between the client and the Nanny/Provider and paid directly to Nanny/Provider by client. In addition to the primary role of child care or other duties, the Nanny/Provider will perform the following services:

Nannies and Eldercare
  • Prepare and clean up after meals
  • Launder children's clothing
  • Transport children to appointments and activities
  • Shop for groceries and other errands
  • Keep track of receipts from groceries and errands
  • Light housekeeping: Kitchen, clean up and tidy rooms
  • Maintain a positive and cheerful attitude in the home
** Housework limited to clean up after children or elder only. Additional housework may be contracted for a rate of $12.00 and up per hour during time of heavy cleaning, and clients should be specific in contracts as to what cleaning includes.

The Nanny will not be responsible for major housecleaning or home repairs unless prior arrangements have been made between the Nanny and the client. The following salary guidelines are current for this area of the country:

Live-In Nanny: Generally a 10-12 hour day, 5 days per week Salary ranges $12 and up per hour; may include benefits such as health insurance

Live-Out Nanny: Generally a 35-50 hour work week Salary ranges between $12.00 and up per hour; may include benefits such as health insurance

Vacation Nanny: Charged in 24 hour increments anywhere from $95.00 to $250.00

Temporary & Daily Nanny: Salary range between $12.00 and up per hour.

Family Home Daycare Provider range $125.00 to $200.00 per child / per week depending on how many children, etc.
Subject to availability

Elder Care Provider Full time, Part time, Temporary or Permanent: salary range $15.00 to $25.00 per hour

Chefs Full time, Part time, Temporary / On Call, or Permanent: Salary ranges between $20.00 and $30.00 per hour

House Keepers / Household Managers Full time, Part time, Temporary/On Call: Salary ranges between $15.00 and $25.00 per hour

Grounds Keepers, Full time, Part time, Temporary/On Call Permanent: Salary ranges between $15.00 and $25.00 per hour

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